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Support a Family
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Help families give their children the best start in life

Roy loves her half-brother Denis dearly and, with her husband Ronald, is raising him with their three children. But for a family living in poverty, meeting the needs of a child with a disability can be hard.

Denis found it increasingly difficult to walk due to bowed-legs - putting his schooling and future at real risk.

Thanks to Agnes, the family’s Support Worker, who helped them to understand Denis’ condition, showing them how best to support him, and providing physiotherapy to improve his mobility, they can all look forward to a brighter future. 

Your gift today can help a child like Denis, gets the support they need from their families, that will change their lives forever.

How your gift helps

80% of people with disabilities live in the world's poorest countries where there is no funding or training in how to bring up a child with disabilities and the challenges this may bring. In order for children to flourish and lead a normal home life, guardians must be given support and understanding of their child’s disability.

Your gift will help support a mother, father or care-giver for a child with disabilities. 

By purchasing this gift, you’ll be supporting our education and family support projects that help break the cycle of poverty and disability by improving access to quality education for children with disabilities, as well as providing support and guidance for families affected by disability.

Read more information about CBM's work supporting families.

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